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One of the ecologically best preserved areas of Europe, Croatia is a place where the hot Mediterranean meets the peace and freshness of the mountains and the tenderness of the golden plains of Pannonia.
Croatia is a magical place and a rare European landscape with 8 national parks in such a small area!
Croatia is a place where you will see nature in it’s full color.

A number of museums, galleries and churches reveals Croatia as the country with rich cultural heritage and glorious history – an inevitable chapter of UNESCO’s world heritage list.
You can easily start a journey through time in Croatia – this area enjoys the reputation of a country with great history and great people.

The ideal arrangement of the islands, with distances not exceeding 15 nautical miles, with more than 1500 bays and ports on the islands and the mainland, make Croatian Adriatic an ideal place for sailing and cruising.

Enjoy your cruising on one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines which is nautically and geographically divided into 3 regions: