Mima Nautika

Mima Nautika has been established after several years of working in the tourism industry with a desire to emphasize one of the jewels of tourism in Croatia and abroad. With a carefully selected range of nautical and related services, we want to provide our guests a quick and easy way to choose their nautical adventure. Our site will not intend to convince you that sailing is a must-try trend – our desire is to bring you closer to a story that rarely leaves anyone indifferent. Boating is not for everyone, but the joy which leisure boating may provide to many old and new sea-lovers offers much more than just tourism.
We take boating seriously.

Sailing Croatia

Croatia is one of the best sailing destinations in the world. Mild climate, excellent location and good connections make indented coast of the Adriatic easily accessible throughout the year. The wealth of historical, cultural and natural heritage will surprise you with every visit. Short distances and mild climate are ideal for nautical beginners and families with children - a wide selection of something for everyone.

Sailing World

Some of the most beautiful destinations in the world can be conquered with a boat. Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, South Pacific, North Europe – get to know the hidden secrets of the distant lands with the eyes of the old explorers! Incredible cultures and landscapes are closer than ever before.